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When the specification sheet is complete, under the Save specification sheet section, enter a project name under the box with the same title. When you save additional spec sheets, enter the same name to group under the same title.

Yes, it is possible to rename a project, in order to combine in a single project. Just go to my projects, modify the project name of a first file, then use the copy to action to all files that we want to add to this project.

Yes.  Just as previous question, use the copy to action to all files that we wish to add to this project. 

No, because each step is directly in link to another product to create a specification sheet. Note: Each spec may be modified by you if you wish to eliminate a product. However we are not responsable for incompatibilities.

They are priced on request based on quantity or they are a fabrication.


The product is customly fabricated and is unique to each application.

They indicate a change in pricing (primarily increase), discontinuation/replacement or product discontinuation.

This message appears because your direct link to the site points to the old platform, which no longer exists. Just save the link again.